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How Often Should You Visit a Physical Therapist?

You might find yourself experiencing some back pain, neck pain, or some other sort of discomfort that might necessitate some form of remedy such as visiting a physical therapist. The lingering question here is how often you should visit the therapist. This could be dependent on several factors based on the magnitude of your problem and your lifestyle. This article answers this question so you can have a good idea of how frequently you ought to visit a physical therapist.

Why Visit a Physical Therapist in the First Place?

There are several reasons as to why you should commence consulting a therapist. As a beginner, a therapist will aid you to comprehend the problem that you might be experiencing.

woman lying while getting a massage concept of physiotherapy
This relates to the condition you have and the way therapy can help you as the primary remedy or as an adjunct to other kinds of medical solutions. More so, the therapist comes up with a program that will ensure that any further problems are well prevented or inhibited in days to come.

There are several benefits of visiting a therapist such as unique and well-suited regimes premised on your specific needs. They also help to alleviate any chronic movement problems and offer a better solution or improvement of your otherwise very bad posture.

How Many Times Will You be required to See Your Physiotherapist?

There seems to be a huge variation of the answers to this question as they all differ from one therapist to another. It is therefore plausible to say that your qualified therapist will be able to assess you and come up with the best plan based on your problem hence ultimately giving you an outline of the several solutions that might be available to you. The therapist will then give you an approximate frequency and schedule of the number of times that you should visit. This is a timeline that you are expected to strictly adhere to.

At the outset, you can expect to see the therapist much more frequently for an hour or half-hour sessions. It is important to stress that with the advancement of time, your physiotherapist will vary your schedule or program based on the response of your body hence this journey to wellness might take quite some time. This could be a couple of months. You should thus be prepared mentally or psychologically.

Cause of the Current Condition

For better comprehension and clarity, if you have an injury that emanated or one that is linked to a sport, your sessions or appointments ought to be several and only a couple of days apart. These frequent appointments are expected to subside with the lapse of time-based on how well your body heals. Many physical therapists have insisted that the first few weeks are the most vital hence proper attention should be accorded to this initial therapy and recovery.

Adherence to the Therapist’s Guidelines

You must abide by the program that has been given to you by the therapist. You should expend a lot of effort into these exercises to gradually reduce the number of times that you are expected to visit the clinic. This simply translates to holding fast to the guiding principles about the home linked treatment routines or practices. All of these could include stretches, movement, or some other varying kinds of therapy.


More so, the regularity of the therapy clinic visits could also be hugely affected by the kind of lifestyle that you assume when you start the therapy. The therapist could dictate that you rid of some daily habits that could badly affect the success of your therapy. This could also include a complete alteration and adjustment of how you work to avoid any strenuous exercises that might cause some setbacks. All this could result in frequent appointments that could hinder any eventual progress.

It is prudent to say that the number of times you need to visit your therapist vary from one person to another based on the gravity of your issue. Typically, soft tissue healing only takes around 6 to 8 weeks hence your sessions could be well spread over that course of time or more if your condition is much graver. This article has properly expounded and elucidated this matter. The foregoing has helped you gain some basic understanding regarding the number of times you need to visit a physical therapist. If you have any concerns such as how to juggle the visits with work, then make sure to agree on a proper schedule that will work for both you and the therapist.