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Chiropractic Testimonials

“Before I saw Dr. Tony, I would have chest pains during any kind of physical activity, even walking. Also I would have difficulty in certain sitting positions due to my tailbone. Now, being adjusted regularly, I am able to walk and be more active without chest pain, ride a motorcycle comfortably, and my horseback riding posture and skills have improved due to the more correct positioning of my spine. Also, I feel much more relaxed!”

Rose S.

“I have had so much pain in my neck, back, and head as well as ringing and swishing sounds in my ears. So many pain pills and muscle relaxers had no effect on helping me and only caused other problems with my stomach and nerves. I could not do any house hold chores or eat right and I lost weight.Then I found Dr. Garrow and after 5 weeks of care, I felt great. No more pain and the ringing and swishing in my ears is gone. I am now going once a week for maintenance and I feel healthier than I ever did. At 61 years old, that’s really saying something! Thank you Dr. Garrow and staff.”

Joan P.

“Thank you Dr. Garrow and staff for a comfortable atmosphere at your office and the play area for the children that come in with their parents. You are the first doctor that my son can’t wait to get to! Also, thank you for helping me with my neck, back, and hip problems that I have had since I was 9 years old. I can sleep better and my back and hips do not hurt as much as before. That is a lot accomplished in 3 and half months. Thank you.”

Carrie and Joey S.

“I was a chiropractic skeptic. Migraine headaches have been a part of my life for the past twenty odd years. Never had a physician suggested chiropractic care. I figures Excedrin Migraine and prescription drugs were inevitable. I could not comprehend how a chiropractic “adjustment” could stop the throbbing, the nausea, or my sensitivity to light and music. Finally, I decided that a trip to meet Dr. Garrow could not hurt. Imagine my surprise when x-rays revealed significant spinal misalignment. Instead of curving, my spine was totally straight. The resulting stress from this could be what was causing my headaches. Dr. Garrow patiently answered my questions and explained his recommended course of treatment. Since beginning adjustments and traction, I have had only one headache. What formerly was a daily occurrence is becoming a rarity. The absence of pain has resulted in giving me greater energy and sense of relief! It is said that converts have a deeper faith as it is a result of choice, not birth. I am truly a chiropractic convert!!!”

Michele M.

“Before beginning care with Dr. “T”, I had 24/7 headaches and stiffness in my hands. After the third visit, my headaches were gone. As for my hands, the progress of cure has been steady. I had already seen a neurosurgeon, orthopedic doctor, 2 pain management doctors, a physical therapist, a rheumatologist, and one other chiropractor. Dr. Tony has definitely made the most progress with me. I thank him for it!”

Dan P.

“When I got home my doctor ran more tests and I was in and out of the hospital for 2 more months. None of the 7 doctors and neurologists I saw were convinced that I had Lyme. I began getting extremely depressed and frustrated. My insurance company denied treatment and the doctors kept prescribing all kinds of medication and nothing was working.At this time, I began seeing Dr. Garrow. I told him about my condition and he told me that he believed that he could help me. Of course, I did not believe him because all the doctors I had seen couldn’t help me. What made this man think he could “crack” my back a few times and I would be healed?

Needless to say, I tried it and within a couple of days I was not restless when I woke up anymore. I did not associate this feeling better with going to see Dr. Garrow until maybe after the first month. The swelling in my hands and feet was less and my headaches were almost gone. Instead of waking up with a headache and going to sleep with one everyday, I was only getting one once a week. That was great! I couldn’t believe that my symptoms were getting better! And not only were my symptoms getting better, but my immune system was getting stronger!

I have not had a seizure or movement disorder in over 3 months and now I hardly ever get headaches or stiffness and swelling in any of my joints. I would strongly recommend anyone to see Dr. Garrow before doing something that you may not need to do. I owe him a lot of thanks. Because of him, I could start working again. Overall, my stress level is down, my immune system is stronger, and my body feels better.

Don’t you think it is worth going to a doctor who does not add any medication or substances to alter or make a change in your body, but rather works on what you have by making adjustments to better improve your immune system and posture? I do. I am so grateful and all I have to take right now is a multi-vitamin. Thank you very much. Without your help and dedication to me as your patient, I don’t think for one minute that I would be doing as well as I am now. Thank You”

Jenn V.

“My son was 10 months old when we first met Dr. Garrow. He had his first cold and ear infection when he was 5 months old. In those 5 months, he had 5 ear infections! His pediatrician had recommended a course of antibiotics each time. I questioned if there was anything else that could be done, but the doctor said no. A friend mentioned Dr. Garrow to me when she heard that my son had yet another ear infection. Even though I was rather skeptical, I gave Dr. Garrow a call. He was so caring and concerned on the phone that I made an appointment. I grew rather nervous and my husband and I talked a lot about our concerns with taking our baby to a chiropractor. We decided to go ahead with the evaluation since we wanted a way to relieve our son’s discomfort and we were concerned with the overuse of antibiotics. Dr. Garrow was very knowledgeable, caring, and understanding during the evaluation and, most importantly, gentle with our son. We stayed.Our son is almost 3 years old now and has not had one single ear infection since he started seeing Dr. Garrow. I have been very pleased with the care that my son has received and would highly recommend Dr. Garrow.”

Kathy L.

Low Back Pain
“I have owned my landscaping business for the last 30 years. It has always been very rewarding but hard work. Over the last several years, I have been suffering from constant serious back pain. As you know, I have been diagnosed with three herniated and degenerating disks. Your regular chiropractic care has indeed helped; however, if I moved even a little out of the ordinary, the intense pain returned day and night and never really disappeared. In my mind the next step was back surgery which meant a lot of down time from my business.Because of my particular situation, you suggested that I have a procedure done known as MUA (Manipulation Under Anesthesia). I met with you and Dr. Mark Schwartz and you both explained the procedure in great depth and the possible results. Hearing that I may not have constant pain was enough for me to have the procedure done. During the three sessions you and Dr. Schwartz, and the entire staff, especially the nurses, were absolutely wonderful to me. Everyone was so professional and deeply caring.Now, for the results. This is an absolutely wonderful procedure. Within 2 days after my last session, I had no pain at all. I couldn’t believe it. I was a little sore from having the procedure done but the fact that the pain was gone was a true blessing. Here it is two weeks later and I still have no pain. I am going to physical therapy several times a week and a chiropractic care session with Dr. Tony once a week as both will help strengthen my back so I can live a normal life again. I highly recommend the MUA procedure to anyone who has similar conditions to mine. Thank you for all your care and professionalism.”

Mike H.

“Before coming to Garrow Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back area. At first, I would only notice the pain when I was lifting something heavy or when I was doing a hard work out. The pain became more frequent and more intense and my back began to act up for no reason at all. I could no longer sit, stand, or sleep without experiencing major discomfort.When I decided that I couldn’t ignore my condition any further, I came and met with Dr. Garrow. He immediately targeted the cause of my pain as an abnormal curvature of my spine, and begun adjusting me. After the first 2 adjustments, I felt tremendously better. I was able to resume my running, and I even felt well enough to compete in a 5K road race only a week after my first visit!”

Lauren S.

Car Accident / Whiplash
“I first met Dr. Garrow two and a half years ago at the kids fair in Wall Township. My grandchildren and I have been treated by him ever since. He noted on my first exam that I did not have much curvature in my spine. But I have seen much improvement.Thank God because in June 2004, my husband and I were driving on the AC Expressway when a driver of another vehicle fell asleep and hit our vehicle in the rear. After returning home, I called Dr. Garrow’s office and he saw me immediately. Since I had been seeing him prior to my trip, I believe it helped prevent a more serious injury. God bless chiropractic and Dr. Garrow.”

Ann D.

“I developed a severe case of tinnitus December 2010 in both ears. The frequency is constant and very loud. After only two adjustments by Dr. Garrow, I noticed an improvement in my right ear. I was so surprised that something finally was helping. I can’t wait to see more great results. Thank you Dr. Garrow and your staff. Linda D.My lower back was causing pain down through my right leg – constant pain – I couldn’t bend over and even walking was hard. I was taking 6 advils a day and wondered if I would ever feel back to normal. After 2 months at Garrow Family Chiropractic, my back finally loosened up and the pain down my leg cleared up. I am so relieved to be feeling back to normal.”

Thank you, Anne D.

“I am used to having both chiropractic care and massage therapy weekly at our home state of Florida. I am so grateful to have found (via an ad in the “Costar”) and came to Garrow Family Chiropractic. Everyone has been extremely professional but also kind and caring. Because of the care I am now receiving I can sleep well without pain or discomfort and spend my days felling physically well and able to get around. I am 73 years old, have fibromyalgia (23 years) and recovering from a fractured hip and femur. I cook, clean, drive and do a little gardening.”

Peggin B.

“When I started I had tingling in both hands down the fingertips especially right hand, that would wake me up at night. Now I am 90% improved, with hardly any tingling in right hand and none in left hand.Dr. Garrow has provided chiropractic care and PT to my entire family (3 generations worth). He provides a “whole health” approach to patient care: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and diet/nutrition advice. Under Dr. Garrow’s care my family has enjoyed improved back health all in an enjoyable friendly environment”

Hank R

“Since starting with Dr. Tony my chronic neck pain has improved drastically!!”

MaryJo K.

“I have been seeing Dr Garrow for over ten years now. Every 3 weeks I see him for my neck issues. Dr Garrow physical therapy program really helped out my leg and back problems also!Deborah (P.S. Plus not only helping me out, Dr Garrow also worked on my husband and son too)

“Since I began care at Garrow Family Chiropractic on September 7, 2013 I have regained hope that I will once again lead the active life style that I so much enjoy.My back and neck pain are the result of a car accident I was involved in on September 1, 2011. The pain has been intense from the beginning, but was actually getting worse with each passing week. I have been unable to walk, even for a half of a block, sit for more than 15 minutes, or stand for more than 15 minutes. In short, I have been housebound for the past 2 years. I have seen countless doctors and have had many tests, but no one could figure out what was causing me to be in terrible pain for so long.

Then I met Dr. Tony Garrow and he immediately diagnosed my problem. Through a combination of several treatments consisting of chiropractic care, medical massage, and acupuncture, all done in Dr. Garrow’s office my pain level has greatly diminished, and I am feeling stronger.

My gratitude to Dr. Garrow and his team for their expertise, patience and support is so much more extensive than I can express, but.. “thank you!”

Your careers are truly a calling.”

Sincerely, Sharon D.

“Dr. Garrow’s adjustments did wonders for my twin infants. My twin boys were a few weeks old when we went to see Dr. Garrow for gas and fussiness. The boys would cry, tighten and curl up in pain with gas and have trouble sleeping. We changed their formula and gave them oral drops which did not provide any relief. After one adjustment with Dr. Garrow the babies slept for four hours straight, which is the longest they slept in their lives! And their gas has disappeared! The babies sleep peacefully without pain and for longer periods for the first time. It is such a relief to see the babies comfortable and happy. We are so happy we did it. It is such a great and helpful thing!Thank you Dr. Garrow!”


You guys have saved my life! Before coming to you, I was in so much pain in my back and shoulders. After only a few treatments I felt great. My posture and balance have never been better! I feel like a new person and the pain doesn’t control my life anymore. I look forward to my adjustments and have told so many family members and friends that chiropractic treatment is the way to a better, healthier life. Thanks Dr Garrow and all your staff!
– Jenn Anlfeld

The care is top notch and I have been going there for many years. That in its self says loads! I think everyone should go see Dr Tony..
– John Smith

Renee is patient and understanding. She feels your pain and heals with you.
– Tiffany Priure

I always feel so much better after a chiropractic session with Dr. Oz.
– Frank Weels

Treatment has been extremely beneficial and the staff is very helpful and pleasant.
– Pat Jeziorski

You all have been great! You also have helped me considerably
– Alison Shumway

You all have been great! You also have helped me considerably
– Alison Shumway

Dr. Garrow and other Dr that assists him both helped in making me feel better. I also liked the beaded pillow and theraband that Dr. Garrow gave me for my home exercises. They maintain the work the doctors do at my visits. I’m very pleased.
– Patty Kavouras

Excellent…and Stacy’s “warm-up” massage before the chiropractic session is incredible
– Jack Gaffney

Garrow Family Chiropractic is truly for the WHOLE Family!
Dr. Garrow and his whole staff always recognize and welcome their regular patients and Massage Customers, which is a rarity among most practitioners now days!
– Lynn

Dr Garrow and staff are always personable.When they are working on you your their only focus. They’re only goal is to make you feel better or continue in good health. I can’t say enough great things about Dr Garrow!
– Carly

I have been coming to Garrow for the past three years, twice a month, due to joining your massage club. It’s my way of staying healthier. My massage therapist can tell immediately where my stress settles in my body and eliminates the toxins with this theraputic massage.
– Peg McDevitt

Unfortunately, insurance is my issue and prevents me from taking advantage of further treatment. I have now been diagnosed with stenosis and pain is my life. But all my experience with you guys was positive…wouldn’t hesitate to recommend friends to take advantage of your care.
– Barbara

I am a member of the massage club, and come in twice a month. With Rheumatoid Arthritis and lower back issues, this works WONDERS to make me feel relaxed and centered.
– Corrine

I always feel welcome and well cared for
– Glenn

Everyone is very friendly and courteous. Caring in the results of how your treatment is going.
– Colleen

Dr. and staff are fast, friendly, hardworking and represent the highest standards of chiropractic care.
– William

All good. though everyone was very nice, glad I haven’t needed to come back.
– John

I have come in with different aches and pains both in my neck and lower back. Dr. Garrow & Stacy have both worked on me and I walk out feeling great. I try to go every 2 to 3 weeks for an adjustment and I feel so much healtier and I had not one cold all winter. I attribute it to their wonderful care. Fran Weeks
– Francis

Knee Pain Testimonials

“My internist doctor referred me to you for a very painful knee-sometimes both knees. First, I went to an orthopedic doctor and after nine months, I still had the pain. Finally I decided to make and appointment with you..which was the best thing I ever did. Three adjustments and I no longer have any pain. NONE! I am a happy believer in my chiropractic experience. Thank you! PS My husband can’t believe that it has been over a month and the pain has not returned!”

Ann S.

“Prior to attending the chiropractor I suffered from knee problems. However, after adjusting my posture, the alignment alleviated the pressure that I put on my knees daily.”

Jocelyn M. from Sea Girt

“Prior to attending the chiropractor I suffered from knee problems. However, after adjusting my posture, the alignment alleviated the pressure that I put on my knees daily.”

Jocelyn M., Sea Girt, NJ

“Thanks to Dr. Tony and Renee… they worked on it (my knee) for one session and 3 days later I had no pain in my knee.”

Norman S. from Wall, NJ

“I came here 3 weeks ago with a lot of pain and swelling (in the knee) and in 3 weeks time I feel 98% (better).”

John G. from Pt. PLeasant, NJ

“I went to Dr. Garrow and he has been working on my shoulder and my knee and I see a lot of very good results.”

Pat C. from Manasquan, NJ

“On the program for about a month… very easy, I feel good, my knees feel better… very, very good program.”

Jim R. from Brick, NJ

“I worked with Dr. Garrow and Renee for about two weeks and was able to return to soccer and play like normal even in my tournaments.”

Andrew G. from Point Pleasant, NJ

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