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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Monmouth County

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Physical therapy is the science in the healthcare industry utilized to help restore and fix physical impairments and disabilities in an individuals body.

Through physical therapy, we can not only evaluate and find out what’s causing issues with a client, but also provide solutions and remedies that will help get the person back to full health and mobility. In short, physical therapy is a corrective science in healthcare. It encompasses unique strategies and techniques such as functional movement screens, corrective movement patterns and actual range of motion strength and flexibility evaluations and assessments.

Physical therapy usually involves some sort of manual treatment techniques whether it’s soft tissue mobilizations or joint mobilizations or trigger point releases or any other kind of manual technique. This is usually paired with various corrective exercises, usually in repetition, which will improve their functional activities of daily living. This is the goal! If physical conditions go unattended to or neglected, they usually only get worse over time. In addition, the sooner physical issues are addressed, the more likely that full health can be restored and the sooner the patient will actually feel better.

Physical therapy is much more than a manipulated wellness exercise program. It is a hands-on therapist to patient series of exercises, evaluation, physical manipulations, range of motion techniques, and more laid out strategically with end goals and objectives in mind. If plans are not followed, results will suffer, so although many times physical therapy is enjoyable, we do take it very seriously.

Another benefit to physical therapy is that patients usually learn something about their body that they never knew before. It is a real education and it is exciting to see positive changes in both a persons physical health and their mental outlook.

Improve Your Standard of Living

Here at Garrow Wellness, we love what we do for a variety or reasons, but promoting wellness and increasing a persons standard of living is probably the most exciting aspect of our business. We have literally seen patients barely able to walk have incredible work out and exercise plans months later. It is a beautiful thing to see the smile on an ailing patient months later when life is back under THEIR control. Good physical therapy should show the way not just how to make changes in the person’s life today, but rather so that these physical problems are drastically reduced or go away forever.

Sports Injuries and Physical Therapy

As an athlete, you can expect injuries to occur from time to time. This is normal. However, getting back in the game quickly but not before injuries are healed properly is the key to long-term success in sports. Returning to the game prior to full recovery will just make the injury more likely to occur. By seeing a physical therapist, you will get the best of both worlds. Athletes have the unique situation of consistent stress on muscles, joints and bones that non athletes do not.

  1. You will recover from the injury faster

  2. You will know exactly when to return to the sport you love to prevent further problems.

Whether you are a youth, adult, amateur, or professional athlete, the treatment may vary, but the objective is the same. Great health in the shortest time possible.

We can help with the following sports injuries and more:

  • Post surgical rehabilitation for shoulders, knees, ankles, and more
  • Shoulder & Rotator cuff pain & injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Ligament strains
  • Muscle Tears
  • Youth Sports injuries
  • ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL rehabilitation
  • Fracture rehabilitation
  • And more

If you are having issues with your physical health, regardless of how small, please contact us. Don’t wait. Maybe your issue is nothing but at least you will know for sure. If it is something that is fairly serious, we can usually provide a plan of action that will solve the issue and get you on the path back to wellness and a vibrant life. The important thing is to take control of your life by taking control of your health. Contact us today!