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Should Massages Be Done Every Week To See Results?

A massage can help a great deal to reduce stress from injury, body fatigue, or athletic lifestyle. A therapist will schedule regular appointments based on the diagnosis and symptoms of a patient. Although the treatment approach may vary based on the individual needs of each person, there are no definite rules when it comes to the regularity of a massage. You can have a massage not just as a luxury, but as often as you like since some of its benefits can be felt immediately. This article discusses the factors that determine the frequency of massages and whether massages should be done every week to see results.

Factors That Determine The Frequency Of Massage

  • Chronic Pain
a woman is getting a massage
A massage is a great option for people who suffer from chronic pain as it helps to calm the nervous system and ease tension in muscles. The frequency of massage for such patients may depend on the underlying condition and intensity of pain for each person. Some patients manage their chronic pain by going for a massage at least once a week. Other people may visit their therapists at least every two to three weeks because one treatment session can manage their pain much longer. The recommendations made by your massage therapist are always based on what they could derive from the initial treatment session.

  • Athletic Performance

Athletes can get frequent massages every week because of the high-intensity training that helps them achieve their peak performance. They need to be in tip-top shape every time they face their opponent and massages play a huge role in their athletic lifestyle. Therapists use a different massage approach when dealing with athletes, unlike a regular person going about their daily work. Deep tissue massage improves the healing process of worn-out muscles and helps reduce the formation of scar tissue. It also improves circulation, which makes a significant difference in an athlete’s performance and training regime.

  • Injury

Massage helps in the healing process of soft tissue injuries by reducing the formation of scar tissue, increasing circulation, and improving the range of motion. How frequently you should get a message when you have an injury depends on its location, severity, and when it occurred. Other therapists formulate a treatment plan based on their diagnosis and instructions on the insurance referral. Based on the factors mentioned above, injury-related massage clients can visit their therapists at least once a week to speed up their healing process.

  • Personal Needs

If you are stressed out from your daily work routine or a major life occurrence, you could benefit immensely from a massage at least once every three weeks. If you have the time, your therapist can schedule a massage for you during the weekends when you can relax and ease your mind from the daily work routine. Massage can reduce accumulated stress that your body has picked up over time as it targets points of tension and other trigger points that affect your mood and lifestyle.

Can I Get Too Many Massages Every Week?

A massage is a great tool for improving mood, relieving stress, productivity, and the overall quality of life. Unless you are dealing with an injury or chronic pain, you often feel better for a full week after getting a massage before you notice the need for a return visit. Some of the benefits you can get are improved energy, better mental health, and reduced tension headaches. Getting a massage at least once a week is enough unless you are dealing with high-intensity sports or chronic pain.

You can also get a massage too frequently as long as you have the time and can pay for every treatment session since massage is a supplementary type of treatment that improves your body and mental health. Patients with severe pain situations may get a massage at least twice a week or as directed by their physician. If you are healthy but fatigued, you can realize the benefits of massage immediately after the session. This feeling can last for the entire week or even more before you realize the need to go for another treatment session.

Unless you have chronic pain or want to improve your athletic lifestyle, you can choose to go for a massage at least once a month if you cannot visit your therapist every week. However, waiting long enough to get a massage means your therapist will have to start over the process of loosening your stiff muscles that accumulated fatigue over time. Once you discuss your health symptoms with your massage therapist, he or she can come up with a customized treatment schedule that works best for your situation.