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Does Massage Therapy Alleviate Back Pain?

With the increase of acute back problems and chronic back pains, massage therapy has become very popular. By targeting the correct muscles, massage therapy can be very instrumental, as it aids to heal and relieve pain for people suffering from back pain due to either tensions or strains.

A massage does not entail risk and it is non-invasive, making it even increasingly popular for people who have resorted to invasive medical treatments to no avail. This article looks at the benefits of a massage for people suffering from back pains.

The Effectiveness of Massage Therapy in Reducing Back Pain

Massage therapy targeted at your back can help to alleviate back pain by easing muscle tension, boosting vascular function, and enhancing blood flow. It also helps to identify the root cause of your back pain so that you can avoid it in the future.

There are several types of massage therapies. They include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and trigger point myotherapy among others. All these are very effective in relieving pain and promoting relaxation. They all work in diverse ways such as releasing tightly tangled muscles and tissues while others help by eliminating muscle tension.

It is therefore a good idea that you ask your massage practitioner to advice you accordingly on the best therapy for your back pain.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy in Alleviating Back Pain

  • Eases Tension in the Muscles.

Massage therapy has been well proven to ease and lessen muscular tension. This helps to reduce pain while enhancing flexibility. Similarly, the resulting muscle relaxation is very pivotal in relieving pain in such tight muscles. Massage therapy can thus eliminate the tension existing in your back, alleviating any pain.

In addition to this, massage therapy significantly helps to decrease any inflammations that might be causing your back pain. When done regularly and while targeting the perfect areas, it can help the level of the inflammation to diminish, helping to reduce the back pain.

  • Helps the Body Produce Endorphins, Which are Feel Good Chemicals.

A small session of about twenty minutes of massage therapy can result to a flurry of endorphins that can have a very prolonged feel good effect on you. This can extend to even two days, hence reducing the back pain massively by promoting healing in the body. It also promotes relaxation, helping the patients psychologically. This is quite crucial for people with these back pains.

  • Enhances Blood Flow and Circulation.

A massage boosts blood flow and circulation on your back. This helps in recovery, especially where there is muscle stiffness and soreness due to exertion. Enhanced circulation of blood helps to avail nutrients to the tissues, helping in recovery of any soft tissue injuries.

  • Improves Vascular Function

Massage therapy helps enhance vascular function. This transcends beyond the patient’s level of fitness or physical activity. Therefore, massage therapy can boost the vascular function for both athletes and people who do not have the tendency of exercising regularly. This ultimately helps to ameliorate those back problems and accompanying pains.

  • Heat Application Helps Alleviate Back Pain

Heat is vital when it comes to back pain. Use of moderate or superficial heat during a session of massage therapy can help to lessen back pain. The use of heat packs and other modes such as hot towels during a massage therapy can also be ideal in lowering back pain.

  • Helps Identify the Cause of the Back Pain

Most therapists are trained practitioners and can be able to assess you and identify the underlying cause of your back pains. Your massage therapist can also advise daily exercises and routines if he/she deems it necessary. This will all be geared towards trying to lessen your back problems.

There exists so much cynicism regarding massages and their effectiveness in healing back pains. However, it is clinically proven that massage therapy can help to reduce the symptoms of back pains. Preferably, it is better if used as an addition to other medical back pain treatments for the best possible results.

It is good to note that massage therapy is not just for the rich and elite. It is quite affordable and the cost should not be an impediment for you. For a massage to be very effective in healing your back pain, you must be very open with your therapist about the root cause of your back problems. This helps ensure that your therapist effectively targets certain spots that have the most pressure and tension in your back.