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What Services Do Physical Therapists Provide?

Physical therapists, PTs, are health care professionals who treat medical issues and other related conditions that limit mobility in individuals of all ages. The individuals range from newborn babies, children, adults, as well as the elderly. Apart from physical treatment, they are also involved in other different roles in the healthcare sector. This article focuses on the different services offered by physical therapists.

Therapeutic Exercises and Functional Training

Physical therapists help their clients do some therapeutic and functional training exercises. These are exercises performed with a view of strengthening the weakened muscles because of not being in use for quite a while, usually after an injury. They are also aimed at correcting imbalances that may arise after an injury. Furthermore, the exercises may aim to change the course that neurons normally follow, to change movement. When muscles are too rigid and tensed, they tend to reduce flexibility in that particular area, and this is where physical therapists come in – to enhance flexibility.


When muscles in some injured body parts become inflamed and tensed, normal blood and fluid flow is impacted. Less flow of blood and fluids such as the lymphatic fluids results in reduced mobility of the affected body parts. Physical therapists administer some non-invasive treatments that are meant to reduce inflammation of muscles, while at the same time enhancing the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid. Such treatments include the application of cold and hot packs, the use of electric currents to trigger stimulation, as well as ultrasound treatments.

Manual Therapy

This is a collective term for manipulations conducted by the use of hands, palms, and elbows. It includes massage, stretching, joint mobilization, and traction. Just like with modalities, these too are used to reduce tension and inflammation while enhancing blood circulation in the area of focus. They are mainly performed with the patient lying on a flat surface, with the points of focus exposed. The therapist uses some essential oils to reduce friction with the skin, but often the oils contain some therapeutic properties.

Sports Rehabilitation

Physical therapists work with sports personalities in treating their muscle injuries, recommending the necessary measures to treat injuries and prevent further injuries in the future. They also work hand in hand with sports team doctors by recommending athletes for further medical treatment. They play an important role in determining when an athlete is fit enough to bounce back to action.

Pre and Post-Operative Care

When someone has been involved in an injury maybe following an accident and they need an operation, there are series of events before and after the procedure. Some tests need to be conducted to ascertain what type of surgery the patient needs, as well as the parts that will be targeted. They are also equipped with psychological counseling skills to help prepare their patients for the operation. Even after the operation, a patient needs some physical care and manipulation to help them get back to their mobility. Such care could include light massage and exercises; all aimed at bringing back flexibility so that you can gain back your mobility.

Additional Services

Physical therapists do not need to have some extra skills but most of them have these skills to better equip for the job. Such additional skills are used to serve their clients better and facilitate a smooth and accelerated healing process. These may include educating their patients on the healing and preventive process, recommending the necessary diet for proper healing, and counseling their clients psychologically. At times, they review their clients’ medical history to check for possible underlying issues, helping you adopt a particular lifestyle to accelerate healing and prevent further injuries. Furthermore, they design individualized care plans while closely monitoring your healing progress.

As we have already seen, physical health is as critical to your body as any other type of health. This being the case, experts advise that you take great caution when choosing a physical therapist so that you do not take chances with the health of your body. One way to land the best physical therapist in town is by sampling several therapists and checking for their customer reviews and ratings. Although there are additional licensing in different states, all physical therapists are cleared and licensed by the American physical therapists association. This means that you can head straight to your local municipal authority’s offices to check records of licensed physical therapists. This way, you can be sure that you are hiring the best physical therapist.