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8 Things That Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor

Usually, people visit chiropractors mainly with back and neck problems. Chiropractors use different methods of manipulating the spine to ease stiffness and tension and in turn ease the pain around the parts connected to it. In conjunction with stretching and kneading, they also rely on heat and cold pressure to treat pains resulting from injuries. However, back pains are not the only pains that chiropractors help with. The discussion below sheds more light on some of the many health issues that chiropractors help with.

  1. Headaches and Migraines

Wrong posture, walking for long hours, lifting heavy weights overworking, being overweight, and slouching all exert more pressure on the spine.

Closeup medical doctor woman pointing on spine model and explaining female patient her problem.
As a result, the vertebrae along the spine become misaligned leading to serious back pains. This pain is distributed along with the areas that connect with the spine, including the artery that provides the brain with blood. The neck and the head are one of those parts of the body that directly connect with the spine, experience serious headaches and sometimes migraines. When manipulating the spine, the misaligned vertebrae along the spine are brought back online, thereby easing the strain that causes headaches and migraines.

  1. Back Pain

As previously noted, back pain is the most common problem that people seek chiropractic care for. Back pains are because of so much stress on the spine. Some of the practices that exert pressure on the spine include slouching, pregnancy, overworking, and too many physical exercises. With the patient lying on their stomach, a chiropractor kneads, stretches, and applies hot and cold pressure to ease stiffness and tension thereby relieving the back pain.

  1. Arthritis

Due to overuse and misuse of joints, sometimes they may become too rigid, a point at which a person feels a lot of debilitating pain. This problem is most common in the aged, and people who have been involved in accidents that rendered them immobile. Chiropractors stretch and use cold and heat pressure to ease tension and stiffness in the joints. As this happens, the patient experiences relief from joints and eventually regains mobility of the limbs previously affected by arthritis.

  1. Digestive Issues

While most digestive issues are because of the food we eat and the way we eat it, sometimes the problem could be coming from the problems associated with the spine. This is so because the spine connects with various parts of the body. The stomach, and the capillaries that provide it with blood, are some of the many parts that directly connect with the spine. When a chiropractor works on the spine, tension and pains go away and so do the parts connecting to it. This enhances blood and lymphatic flow to the stomach so that proper digestion resumes.

  1. Pregnancy Pain

With the onset of growth of the fetus and eventual growth of the unborn baby, pregnant women gain weight. This is no different from the people who gain a lot of weight. The spine, being the center stage of the central nervous system, is tasked with carrying all this weight. The effect of this extra weight is felt in the back, specifically the lower back. The pains are because of the misaligned vertebrae along the spine caused by too much weight on the spine. A chiropractor carefully manipulates the back of women without any danger to the mother or the unborn baby. Relief comes from the eased tension when the misaligned vertebrae are brought back in line during chiropractic care.

  1. Blood Pressure

The stiffness and tension experienced in the spine due to the wrong use of the back may sometimes curtail the smooth flow of blood in the capillaries connecting directly to it. An interruption in blood flow is felt in the raised blood pressure, something that may cause serious conditions like heart failure. During a chiropractic session, the spine is worked and this tends to ease tension and stiffness and unblocks the blood capillaries. This in turn translates to the smooth flow of blood thereby lowering blood pressure.

  1. Myofascial Pain

This is pain where pressure from sensitive parts in the muscles leads to deep and aching pain to other unrelated parts of the body. At times, myofascial pain may feel like a knot in the muscles. A chiropractor can relieve this knot leading to a reduction in the pain.

  1. Sciatica

Sciatica takes place when the sciatic nerve gets compressed or irritated. Sciatica leads to pain, which travels under the knee of your leg. This pain can be quite sharp. The good thing is that a chiropractor can help reduce sciatica symptoms and reduce the pain experienced.

Although chiropractic care comes with lots of benefits, it is however not all sunshine. Though very rare, injuries from chiropractic care are still very possible. Spinal injury occurring from chiropractic care can cause permanent immobility or even death. Taking chances with your body is one of the most grievous mistakes you could ever make since you could end up with an injury instead of relief from your health problems. To avoid this possibility, do your due diligence in vetting your chiropractor.