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How Massages Assist With Weight Loss

Most people have the assumption that massage equals weight loss hence they end up having many therapies with the hope to lose weight while doing nothing else. However, the bitter truth is that massage alone cannot help you lose weight. It has to be combined with working out and good dieting. However, massage benefits can complement other forms of weight loss like workouts and dieting. That being said, the role massage therapy plays in weight loss cannot be overlooked even if the effect is not direct. Research shows that people involved in exercise and dieting coupled with regular massage record more weight loss than those who lack massage therapies. This article looks at the benefits of massage in relation to losing weight.

Improved Metabolism

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As it is known, excessive weight gain or obesity is a result of food, and mainly fats. When you have poor metabolism, food is not digested properly hence not absorbed by the body. Instead, most of it is converted into fats, which are responsible for accelerated weight gain, hence, obesity. An abdominal sacral massage focuses on the connective tissues around the stomach area as well as the whole body. This results in increased blood and lymphatic flow in the body. Improved metabolism is therefore recorded, and once this is coupled with workouts and good dietary habits, you will experience massive weight loss. The sacral massage is also meant to release toxins and poisons that are trapped in your abdominal area, causing a blockage of the smooth flow of blood and lymph.

Lowered Cellulite

A massage, especially deep tissue massage helps in improving lymphatic circulation that aids in losing toxins, wastes, and excess fluid. Because of the manipulation of the connective tissues, the lymphatic fluid will not solidify to combine with collagen. In addition, the collagen lying under the skin is loosened so that when you are involved in a workout, the fats burn at an increased rate than when you do not have massage therapy. After weight loss, obese people have saggy skin, and a massage can help in toning the skin while improving the loss of the remaining cellulite.

Improved Circulation

Massage therapy, especially deep tissue massage helps in improving the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. This is because the toxic waste and excess fluids blocking the smooth flow of blood and lymphatic fluid are opened by the massage. Better blood circulation leads to a smooth flow of blood in the muscles, hence preventing muscle inflammation and frequent chronic pain. This way, you will have good muscle health to allow you to stick to your routine workouts uninterrupted, to record more and faster weight loss. On top of it all, better circulation means that lymphatic fluid and collagen have no chances of solidifying to form the fats found under the skin. Furthermore, improved circulation means that the hot blood burns the fats underlying in the skin, and this way you experience more weight loss than a person who did not have massage therapy.

Increased Endorphins

People with high levels of stress or depression often tend to eat more because some of them find consolation in food. Others tend to experience more weight gain because stress inhibits proper metabolism and causes poor circulation of blood and lymph. When this happens, the lymphatic fluid may solidify and combine with the collagen to form fats responsible for weight gain. However, with a massage, the hormone that is responsible for the feelings of stress, cortisol is reduced. Instead, you experience a surge in feel-good hormone endorphin and you become happy. The effect is that you experience improved metabolism, better sleep, and better circulation. Furthermore, with reduced stress comes better sleep, a time during which body metabolic processes take place. The result is that you record more weight loss than a person who did not get a massage.
Having seen the many benefits of massage therapies in the weight loss journey, you should never make the mistake of having many therapies then sitting back and expecting to lose weight. Instead, first, come up with a workout routine and stick to it faithfully. Then come up with a dietary plan and stick to it, then go out and have that massage. Ensure that you locate not just a good masseur, but also one who is licensed to do so by the American Massage Therapy Association. This is because a quack therapist will not do it the right way, and you will just end up with little or no results.

At Garrow Wellness Center, our therapeutic approach is designed to match you with the massage therapist and the specific technique that’s best for your unique health and wellness situation. We specialize in customizing each massage session to the specific needs of every client. Therefore we often incorporate techniques from each type of massage to ensure that you receive the best and most appropriate treatment