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How Can Massage Help Build a Healthy Immune System?

Bodywork therapy, or as it is known as massage is a form of medical practice that involves manipulation of body tissues to release people of pain, stress, anxiety and tension. Bodywork therapy was borrowed from the ancient Chinese medicine.

It was used to mainly help relieve people of their pains by easing tension in the muscles. In modern medicine, it is still relied upon to alleviate pain, stress levels as well as reducing swelling.

These are not the only benefits that accrue from manual manipulation; it is also used to strengthen the natural defense mechanism of the body. This article explains how it is able to help to build a stronger defense mechanism.

Enhanced Circulation

During a session, optimal pressure is applied to manipulate body cells in the target areas. This works by releasing tension in the target parts of the body.

Professional Therapeutic Massage

Upon reducing tension, blood vessels in the specific areas open up, thereby allowing free movement of materials such as blood and lymphoid materials throughout the body. Free movement of lymphoid materials ensures that leukocytes reach all parts of the body, thereby leading to a better defense function.

Stress Management

Manual manipulation of the body ensures that energy, or as is referred by the Chinese qi, follows the right meridian. As this happens, the central nervous system triggers the brain to release the happy hormone, endorphins. While the release of endorphins takes place, alleviation of the stress hormone, cortisol also happens. The increase of endorphins and reduction of cortisol leads to reduced stress levels. The ripple effect of this is a more vibrant natural defense function since stress is a major suppressor of the same.

Better Sleep Quality

Since the ancient times, lack of sleep has been known to hinder the production of the happy hormone, endorphins, and consequently weakening the resistance mechanism of the body. Study findings show that improved sleep is one of the many weird but effective things that happen to most therapy patients, after the session. A good number of patients confess to have even slept during the session. This can be explained by the replacement of the stress hormone with the happy hormone. Improved movement of materials, pain alleviation as well as reduced swelling may all point to the effect of better sleeping habits, hence a bolstered resistance mechanism. Besides, much of the repair of body cells has been known to occur when someone is sleeping, which explains the connection between quality sleep and a stronger natural defense system.

Releases Inflammation

Inflammation in the body comes about when a bundle of muscles becomes so rigid because of misuse, disuse, or overuse of the same. When swelling occurs, it obstructs free flow of materials such as lymphoid material that carries white leukocytes. Little or no flow of leukocytes puts a huge dent in the resistance function of the body hence you become sick. When an inflamed part of the body is manipulated, tension in the muscles is reduced and this works by resuming the flow of leukocytes.

Improved Production of White Blood Cells

Through hands on session, different parts of the body that initially experienced pain and tension are manipulated. This manipulation is known to rejuvenate the lymphoid system. This is the system responsible with movement of lymphoid materials throughout the body. The system removes wastes from the body, while at the same time introducing more white blood cells. Wastes and toxins are directly linked to a weaker resistance function. Less wastes and more leukocytes, comes with a more vibrant immune regulatory system.

Essential Oils

Majority of the oils used during the session have the ability to fight the bad bacteria and other microbes that weaken the natural resistance system. They are also known to leave a relaxation and happy feeling not just on the skin, but also in the mind of a massage patient. With removal of bad bacteria and other microbes, coupled with the relaxed and happy feelings, all point to a rejuvenated resistance function in the body.

It is worth noting that the above benefits cannot come unless your body is manipulated by a highly experienced and license practitioner. There is one thing you cannot afford to risk with an amateur; and that is your health. This is because with an inadequately experienced practitioner, you may even develop more severe problems such as blisters. It is therefore critical to vet your therapist intensively if you are to get the best results out of it.