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5 Reasons to See a Massage Therapist This Week

Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who don’t like massage therapy. You might actually be one of those people, or know someone who is. There are various reasons why people feel this way. One person may not enjoy the physical proximity of massage therapy. Another person may have had a negative experience with a therapist who was not properly skilled or qualified.

Generally speaking, though, people like massage therapy. Apart from being a great way to achieve deep relaxation and let go of stress, there are a number of medical benefits associated with massage – provided, of course, that it’s done by a skilled practitioner. If you’ve been on the fence about visiting a massage therapist, or if it’s been awhile since your last treatment, here are five reasons to make an appointment this week.

1. Improved circulation

One of the biggest health benefits massage therapy has to offer is improved circulation. As the session progression and the muscles relax, blood is able to circulate more freely. This brings a whole host of benefits, such as greater mental clarity, reduced fatigue, improved immune function, and more energy.

2. Better sleep

It’s a well-known fact that massage therapy promotes deeper and more restful sleep – not only on the night of the treatment, but for days afterward. A regularly scheduled visit to the massage therapist – once every week or two, for example – can improve quality of sleep on a regular basis.

3. Reduced stress

Let’s face it, the world has been a stressful place lately. Feeling relaxed and calm, both physically and mentally, can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Massage therapy is a great way to let your stress melt away and enter a deep, much-needed state of relaxation. It’s a commonly-known truth that when we’re calm and relaxed inside, the world feels more calm and relaxed. This can help everything from work to relationships.

4. Better range of motion

One of the unsung benefits of quality massage therapy is the positive difference it can make in terms of flexibility, range of motion, and even posture. By working out knots and stiffness in the muscles, the natural flexibility of the body can be restored. This is great not only for athletes or people who participate in yoga or Pilates, but also for everyday posture and overall wellbeing.

5. Lower blood pressure

High blood pressure (HBP) is a hugely common problem in the United States and throughout the world. Research has shown that massage therapy, especially a regularly scheduled session, helps to lower blood pressure. It has also been shown to lower cortisol, which is a hormone related to stress and anxiety.

Getting all the benefits of massage therapy

This is, of course, only a partial list of the benefits of massage therapy. Whatever you’re looking to achieve by scheduling your next session, it’s important to find a trustworthy practitioner with the required skills and experience to deliver a truly professional treatment that gives you all the wonderful health benefits of therapeutic massage.