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What Are the Pros and Cons of Acupuncture Treatment?

Borrowed from ancient Asian medicine (Chinese and Japanese), acupuncture is a physical therapy that involves the placement of thin needles into the skin. The needles are usually thinner than the human hair strand and sometimes you can hardly feel them. Most people who have undergone the procedure report many health benefits for example helping with pain management amongst many others.

It is also associated with stress relief. This can be attributed to the deep mediation an acupuncture patient goes through the procedure. Besides all these benefits, however, acupuncture comes with its fair share of disadvantages. It is therefore imperative to understand the pros and cons that come with acupuncture so you are fully prepared for what may happen afterward.


  • It Has no Side Effects
Young man getting acupuncture treatment

Upon the needles being inserted in the target areas of your bodies, the sensory nerves in the particular part are stimulated. What follows is the production of natural painkillers and this prevents you from taking the manufactured painkillers for pain relief. This is something to look out for because most manufactured drugs, including painkillers, come with some adverse side effects. This being the case, therefore, you would rather have an acupuncture therapy for various pains instead of taking commercial painkillers.

  • It Leaves Behind an Energized Feeling

The needles used in acupuncture therapy stimulate the ‘qi’ or the energy levels in that particular part of the body. Most patients who have had the therapy report feeling more energized after the therapy. This can be attributed to the stimulation of sensory nerves around that part of the body. This also has the effect of feeling less fatigued, something that works by improving the quality of your life by being stress-free.

  • It Can be Used Alongside Other Types of Medications

Needle therapy can be joined with treatment plans, dissimilar to different strategies, for example, natural treatment, supplements, and other elective drugs. Consequently, patients can accept drugs and following the clinical counsel of their doctor while similarly having needle therapy treatment.


  • There is a Possibility of Infections

Although most acupuncture therapies are conducted with the utmost hygiene to eliminate the chances of side effects, there are still chances of infections. This can happen if the needles were previously placed on an infected person and were not thoroughly sterilized before being placed on you. In addition, if the needles are wrongly placed, they would create some small wounds that can be infected by germs anytime. This is why you should always look for a qualified and licensed acupuncturist to prevent the chances of infections.

  • Improper Placement Can be Painful

Highly experienced acupuncturists go through vigorous training and vetting before being allowed to practice this therapy. The needles are also designed so thin to eliminate any chances of pain. The therapist inserts the needles from the rear direction so that you cannot see them go into your body. However despite all these precautions and although very rare, you may still experience pain when the needles are being placed. This is especially when the therapist places the needles wrongly. For this reason, it is always good to speak up if you feel some discomfort or even pain when the therapist is doing the placement of the needles.

  • Effects Take Time to Manifest

Unlike most manufactured medications that provide almost instant relief, the effects of acupuncture take some time to manifest. For example, if you had an acupuncture therapy for pain relief, it may take you a few sessions before your pain goes away. This is why acupuncture is best suitable for chronic pains where other forms of medication have proven ineffective. However, despite how long it may take the benefits to manifest, the therapy can still be effective over time.

  • It May Disrupt Your Daily Routine

The fact that you need a few acupuncture therapy sessions to experience the benefits; this may disrupt your routine. This applies especially if you are the kind of person that is always busy at work. At the same time, it may disrupt your sleeping patterns because if you previously had sleeping problems, now you are going to sleep earlier and the sleep will be better than before.

Bearing in mind that the possibility of injuries and infections is imminent, you should never gamble with your health when looking for an acupuncturist. Ensure you pick the most experienced and licensed acupuncturist in town. Verifying their testimonials can help you vet the best acupuncturist and be safe from the aforementioned possible side effects.