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Are Massage Guns Good For Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition normally associated with a lot of pain, swelling, and inflammation. Although the condition can be very painful for affected individuals, some things can be done to reduce the pain. For instance, one can take anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. However, it is better to look for a natural solution to this problem. One such option is massage. For individuals looking for a good way to relieve pain without the side effects of consuming drugs, massage can work great.

Getting a massage from a therapist might be the best option you need to consider to get the full benefits of a massage. However, you might not have the ability to visit a therapist every time you need a massage. This is why you might consider getting a massage gun to help relieve some pain. This article looks at whether a massage gun is good for arthritis.

Man massaging woman's back with massaging percussion device. Percussion therapy.

Massage Gun for Arthritis

People suffering from arthritis normally visit a massage therapist to relieve the symptoms. However, a massage gun offers a less expensive and more convenient way to relieve pain, find comfort, and ease inflammation. It normally costs somewhere between $80 and $100 per hour to see a masseuse. Individuals with the ability to spend that money might have no problem with seeing a therapist. However, those that might not be ready to spend such amounts might experience relief and comfort by using a massage gun.

A good massage gun costs about $150 to $300. When you get this gun, you have a tool that you can use at any time you want and it will end up costing much less than seeing a massage therapist. To use a massage, you do not need to be an expert, meaning anyone can use it. You just need to point the gun about an inch from the massage area and enjoy the soothing experience you get.

Pain Relief Like That of a Massage Therapist

A massage gun provides you with the pain relief that you would get with a massage therapist. Whether your pain is in the shoulders, neck, fingers, or even feet, you can use a massage gun to gain fast pain relief, ease soreness, and quick recovery in the process. For hard-to-reach regions like toes and fingers, some massage guns come with convenient attachments, which allow you to reach even those tricky parts of the body.

Other Benefits of a Massage Gun

Apart from quick recovery and pain relief, a massage gun can provide you with so many other benefits. Using it before exercise increases muscle flexibility and blood circulation, which reduces inflammation, prevents tension and helps with muscle recovery. The vibrations you get are also quite soothing, which reduces stress too.

Why You Still Need a Massage Therapist

Although a massage gun is good for reducing arthritis symptoms, it might not be as effective as visiting a massage therapist. The first thing is that it can be hard to reach some areas. In addition, you might not have the technique to massage yourself using the gun. Also, a massage gun should not be used in some parts of the body like the neck, head, or injured areas, as it could lead to more harm than good. Another issue is that you might be more sensitive to deep tissue massage, an issue that you had no idea about.

While working with a massage expert, you can be sure that they have the needed experience and have dealt with arthritis patients before. They will therefore assess your condition and come up with a good massage program suitable just for you. This means that the massage you get will be more beneficial than what you do on your own using a massage gun.

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that happens in the muscles and joints. It makes muscles to be stiff and swell from the inside. Most individuals that suffer from arthritis get it genetically and that is why there is no good solution for the condition. The only thing that can be done is to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. One good way to go about this is massage therapy. Massage therapy can be done at home as DIY or you can seek the services of a therapist. You can do massage therapy from home using a massage gun. It offers pain relief as you would get from a therapist. The only problem is that it might not be very effective, especially if you cannot reach some areas. Therefore, it might be better if you seek the services of a massage therapist to enjoy the full benefits of massage.