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Are Chiropractors Able to Correct Lateral Pelvic Tilt?

Due to too much technology use, most people find themselves spending a lot of time sitting down. Although it is good to sit and relax at times, a sedentary life can do you a lot of disservice.

A lack of exercise not only causes lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease but also puts you at risk of back pain. Although this might not make a lot of sense to you at first, sitting puts a lot of pressure on your back, leading to pain. This condition can be caused by a complication referred to as lateral pelvic tilt.

What is a Lateral Pelvic Tilt?

x-ray image of spine
A lateral pelvic tilt happens when either side of your pelvic is tilted higher than the other. This leads to a unilateral imbalance in the body. Although a small tilt is normal, excessive tilt causes increased curvature in the lumbar spine, leading to poor posture. Unaligned pelvis messes up with the kinetic movement through the body, causing problems in the legs, hips, back, and ankles.

A lateral pelvic tilt can be caused by injuries, leg length discrepancy, muscle imbalance in your hips, a pronated foot, and poor posture. These causes can make your pelvic muscles tighten over time, pushing your pelvic bones out of alignment, eventually causing a hip imbalance.

Why does a Lateral Pelvic Tilt need to be Fixed?

Although a small tilt in the pelvis might not seem like a huge issue, this problem can lead to painful consequences if not handled as soon as possible. The pelvis is under the spine, surrounded by tissues around hip flexors, and attached to the spinal column. In its natural position, the pelvis is supposed to offer a support base for the spine.

When the pelvis is tilted, the spine might get out of space, similar to the pelvis. A misaligned spine may cause stress on your spinal discs, vertebrae, and joints. If this occurs, it can lead to disc herniation, disc degeneration, and bulging discs. Such spinal issues can lead to numbness, pain, and tingling in the legs, feet, and lower back. If the problem is allowed to go on for long, it can cause pain and spinal stress.

Fixing Lateral Pelvic Tilt on Your Own

You can correct lateral pelvic tilt by adjusting your lifestyle. As earlier mentioned, this condition is mainly caused by living a sedentary lifestyle. Moving your body can hence help to fix the issue. You should consider doing more physical and stretching activities to keep your body in check. Routine exercise can help strengthen weak muscles and stretch those tight areas. Doing this will eventually help fix the lateral pelvic tilt on its own.

Can Massage Fix Lateral Pelvic Tilt?

Getting a massage can also be a great way to fix your lateral pelvic tilt. A massage therapist will do tissue manipulation on you to help loosen those tight muscles. This will improve blood flow and eventually promote healing.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You?

If you are suffering from severe lateral pelvic tilt, you might want to visit a chiropractor to help fix the problem. The chiropractor will examine your situation and come up with a good program to fix the pelvic tilt. Your chiropractor may also conduct spinal manipulations to help shift your spine into proper alignment over time. You will also be provided with a lot of information and advice on how to exercise and stretch your body to strengthen your core muscles and also ways to maintain proper posture.

When a chiropractor works on your body, the lateral pelvic tilt symptoms will be reduced. This will give you back that proper range of motion so you can be in a position to conduct exercises that will strengthen the affected area and prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

A lateral pelvic tilt happens when either side of your pelvic tilts higher than the other. This condition might not be detrimental at first but can cause issues in the future if left unhandled. Since the pelvic tilt is usually caused by living a sedentary life, you might want to start moving your body more often. This will help get back the alignment in your pelvic area and fix the problem. However, if you are dealing with a serious condition, you may want to see a chiropractor to fix the misalignment. You will also receive a lot of advice on how to take care of your body to prevent such an issue in the future.