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Can A Chiropractor Help With Stomach Problems?

Chiropractic care has been mostly associated with the treatment of neck, back and spine pains. However, many people find it quite difficult to believe that a chiropractor can help remedy any stomach issues or gut health problems. Questions, therefore, linger pertaining to whether it is ideal for any gastrointestinal challenges since most deem this as a sham and a fallacy. Does it aid to alleviate mild and chronic abdominal pains or is it a waste of money? This article will delve deep and discuss this to establish whether chiropractic care can always suffice with regard to stomach problems.

The Nexus between Chiropractic Care and the Digestive System

Doctor doing back adjustment in medical office
The digestive system is intertwined with the spine. Any sort of digestive solution and great gut health commences from the spine. A healthy spine is the foundation of better and improved gastrointestinal function. This is because the spine has nerves, which control or have a direct influence on your digestion primarily because the nervous system is directly interlinked with your stomach. It is from this premise that the rest flows hence making chiropractic care a focal point in your recovery from any stomach problems due to its effectiveness in resolving them.

How Does This Work?

  • Subluxation

This is attained through spinal manipulation to alter the state of your spinal vertebrae by realigning and rectifying the subluxations. Depending on the state of your chiropractic clinic and how advanced it is, this can be obtained using some specialized equipment or with the use of the hand in some scenarios in case your chiropractor has not procured such devices. This improves your nervous system and the accompanying effects are a perfect remedy for stomach related problems.

  • Spinal Communication

Many people do not grasp the connection between the gut and the spine. To elucidate more on this blurry area, the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine usually control the pace at which food is disintegrated, digested and subsequently absorbed into the body. Any issues with your spine can therefore manifest as an unhealthy gut or digestive system is. A slight glitch in the digestive matrix can send wrong signals, which can have a compounding negative effect on your stomach hence culminating in some slight or severe problems depending on the extent of your spinal vertebrae misalignment.

Many stomach problems can be resolved using chiropractic care and they range from mild to severe or chronic issues. The mild ones include bloating, gas, and indigestion to some chronic ones such as diarrhea and dyspepsia and others, which will be enumerated as follows:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Previous studies and treatment trials have aptly demonstrated that chiropractic care is an exemplary solution for irritable bowel syndrome. This is attained through spinal manipulation and when it is done repetitively about five or more times a week, it helps to decrease the extent of this issue hence minimizing any possible reoccurrence of such severe symptoms.

Crohn’s Disease

This ailment tends to flare up from time to time. Chiropractic care is able to effectively lessen its severity and this can be done in isolation or alternatively in combination with other modes of medical intervention, healthy diets and prescriptive medication.


Mild constipation can be brought to a better resolve through some normal over the counter medication. However, the symptoms might aggravate and when it becomes chronic, you can proceed to seek medical treatment or opt to pursue chiropractic care which is also a great remedy in such instances. This is attained through much improved bowel movements.


Colic is a major problem that some infants normally have to contend with. Many medical experts have previously postulated that it is not advisable for infants to take a lot of prescriptive medication in these initial stages of development. Therefore, it is only normal that many parents will seek chiropractic care when a colic diagnosis is made. This is because it does not entail medication and other invasive procedures. It has proven to be a great solution that many parents have embraced in recent times without hesitation. This has eliminated the parental reservations and dilemma pertaining to what can potentially happen to the infants upon exposure to such uncharted territory.

Chiropractic care can therefore help to significantly reduce the amount of medication that you consume hence it is an effective solution that aids to lessen your symptoms. It might not guarantee the total and perfect elimination of your digestive issues but it can obviously play a definitive role in your eventual recovery. You should therefore take a punt and explore all its aforementioned benefits as clearly demonstrated above.