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Chiropractic Care For Elderly Patients

The seniors or elderly often suffer from chronic pain and problems with mobility, balance, flexibility, and postural alignment. Their spine goes through significant changes with increasing age as their muscles, spinal discs, joints, and ligaments become weaker and less hydrated. Chiropractic care can be crucial for the overall well-being of elderly patients. This type of treatment for the elderly is often referred to as geriatric chiropractic care and works to ease muscle pain, improve mobility, and increase flexibility. This article looks at the role of chiropractic care for older adults, its safety, and overall health benefits.

What is the Role of Chiropractic Care for the Elderly?

Chronic pain in older adults can be multidimensional because different parts of the body are involved.

Senior man having chiropractic adjustment.
The health conditions of elderly patients are much more complex in their golden years because they suffer from chronic pain for decades. Geriatric chiropractic care takes a holistic approach to cater to the specific needs of each patient. Besides pain management, flexibility, and mobility, this alternative treatment can be useful for many other ailments affecting the aging population such as constant migraines, headaches, vertigo, and pain caused by disease or injury.

Elderly patients who experience constant aches and pains need to make an appointment with a licensed professional chiropractor to address their health concerns so that they can age happily and healthily. After getting rid of pain and other symptoms, chiropractors focus on improving the wellness and overall well-being of their elderly patients.

Major Benefits of Chiropractic Care for the Elderly

  • Pain Relief

Back pain in older adults is often caused by spinal compression fractures or osteoarthritis. The bone density decreases as you age, causing fractures to the bones over time as you perform everyday tasks. Improper alignment of the back exerts pressure on the vertebrae, which in turn increases your risk of a bone fracture. A chiropractor can use spinal manipulation, massage, and other helpful techniques to ease pain caused by osteoarthritis. These techniques relieve pressure from the vertebrae joints thus easing pain around these areas.

  • Flexibility and Range of Motion

Chiropractic care for the elderly improves their flexibility and range of motion so that they can perform daily tasks and other things they enjoy. Tight muscles and joints can cause extreme pain when moving around or carrying out everyday tasks. Increasing a person’s range of motion can have a positive impact on their lives. For some, this allows them to be able to pick up their grandchildren while others get to walk an extra mile after a chiropractic adjustment.

  • Increased Balance and Coordination

Many problems related to balance and coordination among the aging population is caused by degenerative changes to the cervical spine or previous injury. Mechanoreceptors are structures located in the back joints of the cervical spine that send crucial information to the brain for balance and coordination. Mild defects impair the function of mechanoreceptors with aging resulting in a lost sense of body awareness. Steps become irregular over time and uneven in length. Chiropractic care focuses on restoring balance and coordination by stimulating the mechanoreceptors in the cervical spine.

  • Increases Overall Health and Wellbeing

Elderly patients feel much better once they are out of pain as they can go about their daily activities without much trouble. Chiropractic care offers more than pain relief as it helps the elderly feel good, stay healthy, and looking forward to each new day. Many older adults who have gone through chiropractic adjustments are less likely to move to a nursing center as they can manage their health condition at home. Chiropractic care not only improves their quality of life, but also increases their overall health and wellbeing.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe For The Elderly?

The techniques used by a chiropractor when treating older patients are gentle and may vary depending on the patient’s condition. Chiropractic care is considered a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment plan that eases pain and improves mobility. Professional chiropractors are well trained in identifying and treating the effects of subluxations on the central nervous system. Since each treatment is tailored to the specific needs of a patient, they are more likely to feel better and see improvement after a series of chiropractic adjustments.

Professional chiropractors use a natural and holistic approach when treating elderly patients. The techniques used in chiropractic care not only address sources of pain but also improve their overall health and wellbeing. It is important to make an appointment with a geriatric chiropractor if you are experiencing chronic pain or inability to move freely. Besides addressing your health concerns, they also help you age happily and healthily.