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How Can a Chiropractor Help With Scoliosis?

Scoliosis refers to a condition entailing a curvature of the spine. It curves sideways hence causing a lot of pain while having a very negative effect on the overall body’s anatomy. At the onset, it is also good to stress that some people are born with it whereas some get it as they age. It only tends to spiral out of control over time.

More so, it is not a well-known condition, making it important for people to be educated on the same. This is to increase awareness about what it really entails. There have been many attempts trying to conjure some solution to help with scoliosis but not many have been quite effective. In recent times, chiropractic treatment has been seen to be quite a good remedy for scoliosis. This article discusses different ways through which a chiropractor can help with this condition.


At the heart of some successful treatment and management of the condition is some early diagnosis. This is because if the condition is not diagnosed early enough, it can only deteriorate and culminate into other unexpected health issues. The American Chiropractic Association has recently said that over seven million people from the U.S suffer from this condition. Even as much as some medical experts assert that chiropractors are not properly trained to diagnose the underlying issues and causes of scoliosis, some are very effective in this diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

X-ray film of spine from person with scoliosis, a curvature of spine

This is because they are well versed and educated about the condition including other skeletal issues and disorders. Therefore, a chiropractor performs a physical examination to determine whether one has the condition based on several factors such as muscle spasms, back pain, uneven hips, and some major difficulties while breathing among others. This is vital as the step that precedes effective treatment with impeccable results.

How Does a Chiropractor Help With Scoliosis?

Chiropractors help with scoliosis through a major decrease in the pressure exerted on the nervous system and reinforcing or making the body’s core quite stronger. They recommend several ways that you can use while moving to relieve the pain. This also includes some guidance about how you can rest to reduce the pain and discomfort effectively. As mentioned above, a chiropractor also guides you concerning the types of strength and conditioning workouts that you should undertake to help your joints. They ensure that you can take some long breaths while also informing you how to reduce your symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments are also essential in the elimination of any joint restrictions and other misalignments thus enhancing the functioning of the nervous system and mobility of the specific joints. This helps in the control of scoliosis related symptoms.

Modern chiropractors do not unstuck joints to avoid putting excessive pressure on the spinal joints, which can potentially worsen the condition. They focus primarily on the repositioning of the joints of the spine. Besides the very crucial scoliosis adjustments, a chiropractor helps to deal with the condition through massage, exercise, and stretches, which ought to happen together for effective treatment of scoliosis. This modern chiropractor often looks for unique indicators such as the rigidity of the spine, which dictates the amount of work that ought to be done before the commencement of the repositioning of the spine. The other is sensorimotor integration, which aids to indicate any sort of miscommunication between the brain and the body and how it can cause scoliosis. The solution for this involves training your brain to utilize the muscles and other joints differently hence acquiring new tendencies than what it was initially used to. Ultimately, a chiropractor improves flexibility and the range of motion while consequently decreasing inflammation. Chiropractic adjustment is therefore a safe and non-invasive way of treating scoliosis without any risk of addiction, as is often the case when it comes to over the counter medications, which are normally prescribed for the management of the pain.

A chiropractor can therefore help a lot in the improvement of the quality of your life. However, as depicted above, this question does not entail a simplistic approach hence this article has delved deep and illustrated the several ways, which a chiropractor uses to help with scoliosis. It is also prudent to know that scoliosis is not curable and thus it requires some continuous and extended care for possibly the rest of your life. You should therefore not hesitate to visit a chiropractor for effective treatment of this dreaded condition. You should also consider getting checked if you happen to notice some signs of scoliosis before your condition gets worse.