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Can a Chiropractor Help After a Car Accident?

Automobile crashes happen all the time due to the negligence of motorists and other road users. When that happens, victims are left with bodily injuries to heal and nurse.

These injuries come in the form of misaligned spinal discs, abrasions, whiplashes, as well as inflammations.

While most people turn to commercial medications and surgical procedures in curing automobile-related injuries, some people have now discovered a non-invasive safer alternative. This alternative is chiropractic care.

This article focuses on educating you on how chiropractors can help after a car crash. 

Holistic Approach

Chiropractic adjustment of the neck after the accident

Apart from physical manipulation, your experts also go a step further in advising and offering other wellness regimens that go a long way in supporting your healing as well as your overall health. Such regimens include things such as physical exercises to engage in for instance stretching, and heat and cold press. They may also recommend some changes in your current or acquired posture after a car accident. Others are also trained in nutritional wellness that can support accelerated healing and general well-being. 

In addition, they can also recommend lifestyle adjustments such as improved sleep patterns and stress alleviation since these two are correlated to poor life quality. As if that is not all, they work hand in hand with other healthcare practitioners such as nutritionists and psychiatrists in a bid to address your issues deeply and more effectively. 

Pain Relief

Because of bruises, inflammation, whiplash and misaligned discs, victims go through a lot of pain not just in the affected body parts, but also throughout the whole body. As a way of the system trying to heal the scars, bruises, and whiplash, the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid stops. During their work, they massage and manipulate the affected body parts, thereby restoring smooth circulation. As circulation is restored, blood and lymphatic materials are brought closer, and this works by enhancing recuperation. 

Mobility Restoration

As the body tries to heal itself from crash-related injuries, stiffness and whiplash are some of the many things that happen in the affected areas. Reduced circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid go hand in hand with stiffness. The ripple effect of these is the reduced motion range, something that may render the victims temporarily incapacitated. They rectify these by enhancing circulation through massage and physical manipulation that aims to restore motion range through proper alignment of spinal discs. 

Addressing the Root Cause

While the role of commercial medication in car crash-related injuries cannot be overruled, they are not the solution as they only focus on symptoms, instead of the root cause. By restoring alignment of spinal discs in the lower back, they get to the root cause of the problem thereby providing a lasting solution to the victims. This way, you do not have to commit to a lifetime of painkillers or permanent immobility. 

Non-Invasive Risk-Free Option

As initially noted, their role in car crash-related trauma restoration is not long-rooted. Their role was not often recognized until very recently, as people strive to explore more risk-free and noninvasive treatment options. With commercial medication and surgical procedures, patients have to deal with scars that may take forever to cure. Similarly, pain pills and antibiotics taken to heal most surgical wounds usually leave undesired and sometimes serious side effects. Thanks to them, patients do not have to deal with the side effects of commercial medications; neither do they have to nurse surgical wounds. 

Insurance Claims

We can all agree that meandering the complicated process of filling and filing insurance claims on your own can be very frustrating. Since this is a requirement if at all you want to be compensated by your insurance plan, they can help you to navigate this intricate process easily. This is because most insurance companies will demand a signed letter from a licensed chiropractor as proof of injuries sustained. In addition to treating your injuries, they will also help you fill out the insurance claim form and sign it for you, thereby making the process blissful. 

Since a signed medical report from a chiropractor is one of the many items that play a critical role in insurance claims for car crash-related injuries, it is very imperative to work with licensed individuals. Consulting your primary healthcare practitioner can help you locate licensed and qualified experts. At the same time, they will help gauge the rate and level of recuperation from your injuries. This is the only way to get an excellent service that will help you recuperate fully.