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3 Common Myths About Modern Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient practice from China, but it has also become part of a multi-faceted healing practice that also commonly includes areas like massage therapy. There are a lot of misconceptions about acupuncture, but there is also no doubt that countless individuals have experienced notable health benefits through being treated by a professional and reputable acupuncturist. To stimulate more discussion about acupuncture, here are 4 common myths.

1. It doesn’t help anyone

The clinic evidence for acupuncture has always been subject to some debate, but the simple fact is that this ancient practice has facilitated health benefits in countless individuals, and continues to do so every day. There are plenty of studies out there showing real, practical, definite health benefits through acupuncture treatments. It’s commonly argued that acupuncture is a placebo effect, but in some cases, this may be a misunderstanding of how acupuncture affects the body and stimulates the release of brain chemicals like endorphins and substance P.

2. The needles hurt

It’s more the “concept” of being poked with needles that makes people uncomfortable. Acupuncture needles are not stiff; but are tiny and flexible. Some patients do not feel them go in at all. Others feel a slight tingling sensation. All in all, acupuncture needs do not and should not hurt. Some clients experience sensations they have not experienced before as the needles are left for a period of time to do their work; but the vast majority of new acupuncture patients are pleasantly surprised to find that the needles aren’t uncomfortable at all.

3. You can get addicted to it

If acupuncture is helping a certain condition or conditions, the patient will certainly want to continue a schedule of treatments until the symptoms are no longer present. Many people fear that acupuncture offers a certain kind of relief that never solves the problem. The whole basis of acupuncture study is to aid in natural healing so that further treatments are not needed. However, there is a very wide application of acupuncture treatments.

4. It’s too expensive

Adding another thing to your list of expenses may not sound like the best idea, but acupuncture has been a valuable healing asset to countless individuals for countless medical conditions. It’s also important to remember that many insurance policies will now cover part or all of acupuncture treatment for certain conditions. If in doubt, definitely check with your health insurance company and find out whether your treatments could be covered. Either way, professional acupuncture treatments might be more affordable than you think.

Where to look for good acupuncture treatment

You may have seen or heard of a few different offices in your city or town. You might be the kind of person who just drops in, or you might be someone who takes out their smartphone and does a search. Online reviews are a great place to know ahead of time who is making clients happy and who isn’t. Just like any health or wellness professional, there are highly reputable acupuncturists and those whose reputations are not so strong. All in all, the proof will be in the treatments themselves, where you can feel the beneficial effects for yourself!