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3 Simple Reasons Why Most Weight Loss Programs Fail

At any given time, weight loss is an issue of serious interest to countless individuals. Some people are concerned about health and longevity. Others simply want to look their best for personal and/or career reasons. The reasons for trying to lose weight are really as variable as the results people get – and there is always a new program or strategy that promises to be “the one you’ve been waiting for.”

So why does this cycle continue? Why is the weight loss industry so huge, yet the results leave so much to be desired? If you’re hoping to find that next level of success in losing weight and keeping it off, check out these three simple reasons why most weight loss programs fail.

1. They use temporary measures

There’s a reason why so many people lose weight by following certain programs, only to gain it back in a matter of months. Most of these weight loss programs are based on diets and/or exercise regimens that are simply not sustainable over the long run. It’s certainly possible to achieve weight loss by undertaking one of these unusual diets, but it’s important to ask yourself two things:

1) Is this a program I can or should sustain indefinitely?


2) Is this program actually good for my body, aside from weight loss?

2. They aren’t customized to you

Most weight loss programs are designed to make a lot of money – not necessarily to produce lasting results. Clearly, the best way to make money is to design a one-size-fits-all program and sell it to the masses. But this approach ignores a number of important individual factors that affect your unique ability to lose weight. People have different physical, mental, and metabolic elements that factor in to optimal weight loss. A customized, personalized program can generate a different experience – and a different result – altogether.

3. They aren’t based on science

Instead of using gimmicks or unsustainable methods to lose weight, a successful approach will involve real science and natural principles that are both simple and effective. Whole foods and natural supplements are two of the keys to natural and sustained weight loss without the brutal exercise routines. Best of all, weight loss programs that are based on simple and real scientific principles can fit directly into your existing lifestyle and do not require you to make drastic changes.

A doctor-supervised approach for proven weight loss results

The weight loss industry will continue to thrive on programs and offerings that promise a “quick fix” to weight loss through extreme diets and exercise – and the results will continue to be hugely variable (and largely unsuccessful) for many people.

On the other hand, a doctor-supervised approach based on simple, natural principles can give people a customized weight loss program that works – something that doesn’t require a herculean effort, and allows you to implement subtle lifestyle changes that produce results both immediately and over the long-term. We’ve seen it work countless times before – and you could be the next success story.