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What Diet Loses the Most Weight the Fastest?

Shedding some extra pounds is not only tough but can be quite overwhelming.

It is therefore understandable why you may want to see results fast. To achieve faster weight loss, you must strike a balance between a balanced diet, healthy eating, mindful eating, hydration, exercises and stress management.

This article gives information regarding some of the fast diets to explore in your endeavor to shed some pounds. 

Portion Control

Portion control entails reducing the size of portions you consume on a daily basis. This is because the bigger the portion, the more calories you consume and the more weight you gain. Upon eating bigger portions of food, the body uses only a fraction of it and stores the rest as fats, hence more weight.

Healthy eating and losing weight

This happens especially if you are not involved in any intense physical activity that can utilize all the calories consumed. Portion control means reducing the size of portions of food, even the healthy ones since these too; contain calories that might as well contribute to your weight gain. 

To do that, experts advise that you should stop eating when you achieve your target calorie intake, instead of eating until you are stuffed. This practice may be hard to sustain but it gets easier and your satiety should eventually decrease as time goes by. Another limitation of this weight loss practice is that you might deprive your body of essential nutrients and energy sources. 


Fasting is among the most effective and fastest weight loss habits one should explore. Fasting has been found to modulate insulin and various hormones that play a critical role in weight gain. Such hormones include norepinephrine and human growth hormone, HGH, both of which are known to bolster metabolic rates. With more metabolism, comes fat burning, followed by a decrease in weight. Since high insulin levels encourage the body to store excess energy as fat leading to weight gain, fasting comes in handy to inhibit insulin production. Study findings also reveal that during fasting, the body burns the stored fats to get energy for the normal physiological process. 

Nutrient-Dense Foods

To support weight loss, experts recommend that you replace processed and fast foods with nutrient-dense foods such as whole meals, protein, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits. Unlike processed foods, these are rich in nutrients that will reduce satiety and consequently make you feel full faster for more weight loss. The best thing about a nutrient-dense diet is that it is full of essential nutrients and vitamins to support energy requirements and optimal health of your body. 


When thirsty, satiety increases with the increase in insulin levels. This may explain the reason behind the craving for sugary drinks including sodas and juices, all of which contribute to weight gain amongst their regular consumers. Hydration supports weight loss by reducing insulin levels and making you full all the time, thereby eliminating the need for calorie intake. 

Fiber-Rich Foods

Incorporating more fiber in your diet can support weight loss in two ways; One, fibers inhibit caloric intake by making your stomach full. Second, fibers enhance the digestion of most of the food we eat. With maximum digestion, there are fewer chances of the excess food being stored as fat in the body. Another major benefit of fiber in our diets is that it reduces constipation, thereby leading to a healthier and happier life. 

Mindful Eating

Eating while scrolling the phone or watching the TV can be a major precursor for weight gain and indigestion. Failure to concentrate on the food before you can make you eat larger portions since you are not listening to your stomach. Experts’ advice is to eat mindfully by concentrating on the food before you and listening to the changes happening in your stomach. This way, you will feel full much faster and consume fewer portions. 

Whichever your choice of weight loss diet, it must be coupled with other complementary practices. For instance, physical activity such as regular walking and exercise can both lead to accelerated weight loss. At the same time, you also have to manage stress since during stress levels of cortisol are high. Cortisol has been found to encourage the body to store unutilized energy from food, as fats hence weight gain. 

You must also be mindful of your choice since most of these fast diets like fad, crash and fasting are not sustainable. At first, you will achieve significant weight loss but you are more likely to back out of the regimen after a short while. Upon stopping the practice, you will regain the lost weight faster than you lost it.